Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purge by Sofi Oksanen


I read a lot of different reviews and thoughts of this book prior to reading the book itself and usually these reviews were from one extreme to another. Since the book is about very delicate and tragic topics related to Estonian history, there were lots of emotions around the Purge.

Sofi Oksanen takes the reader back to the period prior and after the WW II and to the beginning of 90s and the book follows the main character Aliide through her life.

Second World War influenced Estonia and Estonians in so many dramatic ways and this is what the book is about - how war, political occupation, psychological terror influence human beings. Time and history is actually one of the very interesting features of this book. This book is also about betrayal, love, hate, pain, violence, lies and about how cruel and twisted life can be.

I liked this book! It was not an easy reading, but it was all worth it!

Since I like the Goodreads review of the book, I will add it here:
Purge in Goodreads

5 stars out of 5 from my side. If you want to have a little insight of the tragic of Estonian history, you should definately read it!


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