Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kate Kaynak - Minder (A Ganzfield Novel) - Review

Yesterday evening I finished reading Kate Kaynak's book Minder.
As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I liked the beginning of the book very much. The author simply made an introduction that got your attention from the first page.

Teenager girl Maddie finds out that there is something very special about her. When she is threatened in an unexpected and aweful way, she reacts.. and suddenly 3 people are dead.

Thanks to a mysterious man, she ends up in a training facility which trains kids with special abilities. Maddie likes the Ganzfield School from the beginning, but finds out soon, that everything is not exactly as it could be. Socializing and finding friends might be dangerous affair in Ganzfield.

Everything changes when she meets a guy of her dreams - Trevor. They start spending some time together and find out, that they can't be without each other. They are falling in love and strengthen their abilities by it.

Not everybody in Ganzfiled likes Maddie's ability and Maddie soon finds out that being special can be very dangerous.

I like the plot of the story and characters too. The story is well written; it is easy to read and has a quickly developing storyline. The reason, why I would give 3 stars (out of 5) is, that at one point in the middle of book, where you have already understood what kind of facility it is and you are introduced to the characters, the story makes a step backwards. Right after Maddie and Trevor realize that they love each other, the story gets slightly slow and goofy for my taste, too much of description of adoration and first love. I think the love story between Maddie and Trevor is sweet, but at some point I just wanted to see what is going to happen next. I loved the beginning of the book and the end of the book, but in the middle it got little too boring.

My favorite character in the book was actually not one of the main characters, but Seth, who actually has a very small part to play in the story.
Maddie seemed little too overprotective and weird in her attempts to protect everybody from the charms - her plotting and wish to change the charms and bring them over to the good side. It made me want to say: "Come to the dark side - we have cookies!!!!" You can't simply change everyone and everything.

To sum it up - I will definitely read the next books of the series, because I liked the plot and I am interested to see, what is going to happen with Maddie, Trevor and Michael.

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