Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introduction to Minder by Kate Kaynak - the author and first part of Minder

So far I have read 52% of the book.

When I started this book, I did not know anything about the author - Kate Kaynak. One of my Twilightmoms recommended it and the whole Ganzfield series and this is the reason why I picked this book.

Kate Kaynak is American writer who lives in US, New Hamspshire and the Ganzfield series are her first books, it seems. The series has three books published and the fourth will be published in August 2011. Ganzfield series include Minder, Legacy and Adversary.
you can find more information about her here:

Minder is the first book of the series and it was published in June 2010. So she is fairly newbeginner when it comes to writing. But you can trust me that the fact her being beginner, does not show in the book.

She jumpes into the story immediately and before 10 pages are gone, whole lot has happened. It really starts like an action movie.

There are two main characters - Maddie and Trevor who meet under weird circumstances when Maddie is introduced to school for kids with special abilities.

Quoutes I liked so far:

All dead. Light worked its way across the garage as the outside world reappeared under the rolling door. I couldnt stop myself; I looked at my three dead attackers. Oh, God. What happened, what did I do? WHAT AM I?

My mom had put on weight after my father had died and, like her wedding ring, shed never taken it off. She wore her grief like an extra layer of flesh.

He laughed, which was a great sound. Note to self: make Trevor laugh more. His laugh was a rumble, low and gentle in his chest. It rolled off him in warm ripples.

Are you all right? His voice was a near whisper. My free hand was on his chest; I could feel his heart beating wildly under my palm. My breath quickened, and suddenly his lips were touching mine. My soul expanded with explosive intensity. My hands went around his neck, pulling him in. His arms tightened around me. My lips parted and his moved against them tentatively, and then and then stronger. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. I wasnt sure who was thinking it, probably because we both were.

As you probably can understand, they fall in love. What will happen next?

Let's read and see :)


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