Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eve of Samhain by Lisa Sanchez - Review

Eve of Samhain (The Hanaford Park Series, 1)

I saw a review of this book on one of the blogs i follow and decided to buy it. I needed something else, little change in scenery from Young Adult books, something which was little more for grown people :)
I bought it on Friday, started reading it Friday late night and finished it Saturday. I had difficulties with putting it away and was seriously annoyed that I had some other things I needed to do for  hours. I wanted to know how it ends.

This is a first book of Lisa Sanchez I have read and it is also her first book to write. You can find more information about her here: Lisa Sanchez homepage

Books starts with Ryann (the main character) thinking: All men are assholes.
Ryann is a university student who waits tables in a club Fire and Ice to make some extra money for her studies. She meets Quinn, who really annoyes her to begin with. Quinn seems to be of Irish origin, he is hot and sexy and there is something weird about him, which Ryann doesn't understand. Quinn brings different women to the club and leaves them there. None of the women remember why they came to the club and have no memory of the guy who brought them there.
At the same time, as Ryann's and Quinn's story develops, there is a stalker appearing, who is not human.
Ruann and Quinn need to work together to get rid of the mysterious threat that wants something from Ryann.
Quinn has a secret and a curse he needs to break and only Ryann's love can break it!

I loved the story plot! The author writes in a way, that it is very difficult to put this book away, you are curious and want to know how the story develops. I especially loved the connection and relationships between Ryann and Quinn. I just loved the way Quinn spoke. i have always had a soft spot for Irish and their way of speaking and here the author just hit the point!

I also liked other charcthers - Jennyfer and Martha who were Ryann's roommates and also mystical Gabriel. Rushing little ahead, all of these three are also appearing in the next book written by Lisa.

The book was easy to read, it was interesting and exciting and funny. I have to admit, I loved the descriptions of the sexual attraction between Ryann and Quinn!!!

For fantasy readers it is relly a book I would highly reccomend!


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