Thursday, March 3, 2011

Books, Kindle Wireless Reading Device and Kindle for PC

Genereally speaking I am quite conservative and used to prefer bying real books. I love the smell of newprinted books, desings of different book covers and the sound pages make when you turn them to the next. I have quite nice collection of books in my "home-library" and I have read and enjoyed every single one of them.

Approximately a year ago, I decided to give Kindle a try. It's comfortable to use, you just need wireless connection to the Internet and that's basically it! Similarities with books are that you can take it with you: if you want to read it in bed before sleeping - no problem! The advantage compared to books is, that it takes less place and it weighs less in most cases.

Less than a year ago, I downloaded another Kindle version: Kindle for PC. Since I use my laptop more per day than most of normal people, I really enjoy having the option to read my books behind the laptop as well. Of course, it is not that comfortable to have your laptop with you everywhere, so in that sense Kindle advice is more comfy sometimes. Still, most of the books I have purchased during the last six month are on my Kindle PC.

I have bought a lot of books from, and Kindle devices are especially enjoyable because it is cheaper and it takes only couple of minutes to download books what you want to read. You don't have to wait receiving the delivery.
So, I am combining all these three different options. And I have to admit - I love my Kindle!!

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