Monday, February 28, 2011

The very beginning

Yesterday evening I was sitting behind my laptop and was looking through different blogs and sites about reading and books.
I am very big fan of books and reading!!! The wonderful world of books spelled me with its magic when I was a kid - and it still does. My parents tried to get me out of the house and play, but I preferred to read books. Of course, that did not mean that I was a nerdy kid who never got out. Not at all! I just got a bad habit of reading late in the evening and night. Had fun with other kids outside during the daytime and read during the evenings (and sometimes using the flash light under the blanket in the dark, because my mom already told me to turn off the lights).
Evenings with reading were the most exciting times for me. It was like escaping from the reality (my childhood reality was fine, nothing wrong with it!) and diving into the world of magic.

So, as you can understand, I still read, otherwise this blog would never exist.

I decided, that I will not go back in time, starting to review and write about books, which I already have read - it would simply be impossible! I have an account in Goodreads, where you can find what books I have been reading lately.

Idea of this blog is to write about the experiences I have while reading, what it makes me think about and give you reviews of them. As the statement says, it is a very beginning, so have patience with me! :)

You are more than welcome to comment :)

And here we go, the first book will be "Minder" by Kate Kaynak which I started yesterday.


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